Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged. Life just seems extra busy these days. Brian has had lots of interviews (which is great). He was in Milwaukee on Friday and is in New Jersey now. I've been busy knitting twizzle hats (3 done, 2 to go) for my sister-in-law (she's giving them as baby gifts). I've also been trying to get the house straightened and cleaned in preparation for my parents' visit this week. I'm so excited to see them again. The day they leave town, my husband's sister (Kristin) and her husband (Chris) and their 7 month old (Oscar) arrive in town for a week long visit. They live in Portland and we haven't seen them since October so we're really excited about their visit. We've also started preparations for John's 2nd birthday which is less than a month away.

As a birthday present from his Aunt Kristin and Uncle Chris, John received tickets for Sesame Street Live this weekend. He is REALLY into Sesame Street right now (we've been checking out books and movies from the library). I wasn't sure if he could sit through the show, but he did and he LOVED it. It was so much fun. Definitely a highlight of recent times. It makes me smile just to think about it. John was so excited. He kept pointing to all the characters and naming them. He was dancing along to the music. It was great. So much fun to see him have so much fun. Brian and I even enjoyed the show and the Palace Theatre was beautiful!

Anyway, that's all our excitement for now. Hope to have some good family pics to share in the near future. The flash is still not working on my camera so a lot of my pics are turning out dark or blurry these days (or both). Oh well. Just need to get it fixed before John's birthday. Hope you all are well!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Knitting!

I'm knitting again and I LOVE it! I've finished two small projects that were both FREE so that was fun.
The first is a simple garter stitch scarf for Little Man that I knit in the car on my way to Virginia.


Garter Stitch Toddler Scarf (my own design)

Yarn: Lion Homespun (2 strands together--green and navy blue)

Needles: Size 15

Additional Info: Cast on 7 stitches. Knit in garter stitch for a while, split stitches in half (4 and 3), knit separately for a few inches, then combine back together, when the scarf is a happy length, bind off.

The second is the Feather and Fan Bonnet by Larissa Brown. I found this FREE pattern through Ravelry. It is available here.


Feather and Fan Bonnet by Larissa Brown

Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby (2 strands--white and pink)

Needles: size 6

Additional Info: This was a quick and easy knit. I'm not sure what size baby this particular bonnet will fit, but it was fun to make. If I was making one as a gift, I'd probably use a nicer yarn and ribbon, but still go for washable.
I also redid the neck of John's Placket Neck Pocketless Wallaby (I did about three more sets of decreases) and I think it looks/fits much better now. I will post a new pic when I get one.
I'm currently working on a doll for John (adapted from a FREE Kimberly Chapman pattern) and a bunch of twizzle hats for my sister-in-law who is giving them as baby gifts. Off to make dinner and then knit if the Little Man naps long enough.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Little Happy Knitting

Here's a little happy post about a little happy knitting. I decided I wanted to knit a little something for my new little guy (due the end of May.) I didn't feel like doing anything that took too much thought and I couldn't afford to do anything that required a knit purchase, so I decided on this lovely free pattern from Kimberly Chapman.

I used all yarn from partial skeins leftover from other projects. They are all acrylic (very washable and thus perfect for a baby toy). Most of the yarn is of the rougher acrylic variety and thus was going to sit neglected in the stash because I didn't want to use it for anything like clothes or a blanket. Perfect for this little toy.

I discovered the pattern through Ravelry. (I'm Haley327. I really have NOT used Ravelry to its full potential, but find it to be a fun tool when I have time to play.) This pattern was easy to follow and fun to knit. I stuffed the caterpillar with quilting batting borrowed from my sister (I knit this while I was in Virginia for the triplets' baptism). The only change I made to the pattern was that I did i-cord for the legs and antenna instead of knitting in the round on two doublepoints.

Sorry these pictures are not better. My camera is refusing to take flash pictures so most of my pics are turning out blurry these days. Thus I have very few pics from the baptism which is a shame as all three babies looked adorable! Anyway, hope you enjoy this little bit of happy knitting. Hopefully more to come soon.