Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Petal Tank: An Alternate Solution and a Mostly Finished Top

Well, I tried to redo the straps on my Petal Halter, but I didn't like the way any of the redos looked. So I reknit the straps back to Version 1. I got a new bra instead and am really happy with the top (and the new bra--it was LONG overdue).

So my Petal Halter or my version of it--the Petal Tank--is finished...mostly. It still needs to be blocked and I am still considering doing a simple crochet chain edge along the top just to make it look a little more finished.

Pattern: Petal Halter by Olga Buraya-Kefelian (in Interweave Knits Spring 2009)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pima Tencel (50% Peruvian Pima Cotton/50% Tencel/ 50 gr/ 1.75 oz/ 109 yd) 5 skeins Color #9513
Needles: Size 5
Size: Smallest
Instead of the Eastern cast-on, I used this provisional cast-on that I found on Wendy Bernard's Knit and Tonic. I really loved this provisional cast-on. It was quick and easy to do and pretty easy to pick up the stitches. There was no problem with tension like with the Eastern or Figure 8 method. It did produce a slight jump in the garter stitch ribbing, but I don't think anyone will notice unless they are looking for it.
My stitch gauge was slightly off so I cast on 26 stitches instead of 24 (with this method, you cast on half the stitches instead of two rows of stitches).
I wanted a longer top so I did 4 rows of petals (8 petals) instead of 3 rows (6 petals).
My bottom row of petals is done following the directions as written in the pattern (5" before decrease row). The next petals up are 1/2" shorter (4.75" before decrease row). The next petals up are another 1/2" shorter (4.5" before decrease row). The top petals are another 1/2" shorter (4.25" before decrease row).
I didn't want a halter, so I shifted the top slightly so the petals overlapped in the center of the front and then picked up stitches to do two straps.
I chose to pick up eleven stitches for each strap and then did the strap with 3 stitches of garter stitch, 5 stitches of stockinette, and then another 3 stitches of garter stitch.

My thoughts: I like this top. It is fun and flirty and feminine. It is pretty low cut for me and I will wear it more when I'm going out with B vs. hanging out with the boys. The pattern was pretty easy. There was a lot of sewing, but I did it as I went along so that made it better. The yarn is soft and lovely, but fuzzes/pills while knitting. I hope I got that all out of the way and it won't fuzz/pill too much when worn.

Now off to work on my next project, the Slanted Gretel Tee.


JulieFrick said...

Love it! So cute.

jenleic2008 said...

It is really cute! I hope you keep it for yourself. Sorry I missed you last night. I had a headache and decided not to come after all.

Kate said...

It looks great! Nice job with all the modifications, and thanks for sharing those modifications with the rest of us (I had passed by this top since it was a halter, which I'm also not crazy about).
Can't wait to see the Gretel tee -

Nicole B. said...

very impressive!