Thursday, July 29, 2010

I do knit... I do knit!

It's been a while since I blogged about it, but I do still knit.

Last night, in fact, I finished knitting N's Wonderful Wallaby. His first one was actually a hand-me-down from J and he wore it all the time. But it had gotten too short in the body and sleeves so I decided to make him a new one.

The yarn is from my stash. I bought it on my first trip to the LYS in Texas. It was on the clearance table for $1 per skein and I bought it intending to make N a Wonderful Wallaby. Funny how it worked out that I finally did it two years later. But since he had a perfectly good hand-me-down Wallaby from his brother I decided the wait was good.

Anyway, this is my sixth Wallaby I've knitted and I still love the simplicity of this pattern and the little clever touches like the construction of the pocket and the simple Kitchener seam on the hood. I did my usual modifications: seed stitch in place of ribbing and garter stitch.

I started the Wallaby after I finished my Minimalist Cardigan. I had other projects in line, but at that point B was on week 4 or so of 6 weeks out of town and I was feeling a little tired and stressed. The Wallaby with it's stockinette in the round and familiar pattern was just what my brain needed at the time.

I worked on it on our rides to and from the beach. At one point on the way down, about 4 hours in, when I finished the body up to the armpits, I thought maybe I had not packed enough knitting for the 40 or so hours we'd be in the car. However, I quickly realized I was in dreamland and that the boys would keep me plenty busy and that knitting would be only done in short stunts. All in all, when we got home, I had only gotten one and a half sleeves done. Oh well. It is finished now.

Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations
Yarn: 6 or 7 skeins of Phildar Falaise (50g/ 82 yd/ 48% Cotton/ 39% Acrylic/ 13% Viscose)

Size: 3ish (I made up my own numbers between the size 2 and size 4)
Modifications: Changed numbers to suit my size. Changed ribbing and garter stitch to seed stitch. Three needle bind off for armpits (instead of Kitchener).

Sorry for the lack of modeled shots. For some reason, N did not want to model his new sweater on a hot July day in Texas.

Next, I'm going to make my self a Circle Textured Shrug like the one I made my sister. This is the yarn I'm using.
Guess, I should have had them wind it a the yarn shop. Oh well.

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Nicole B. said...

wow, that was fast!! turned out so cute!