Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Adventures of Little Man

It's been a fun week with my little man. First, we got to go to the zoo with one of our friends who has a zoo membership. We spent most of our time in the rainforest and Little Man had tons of fun checking out the animals.

Crocodile and turtles


Up Close and Personal

Then we had Halloween where Little Man wore his sheep or "Baa" costume as he likes to call it. Since we were outside, he finally decided that it was okay to keep his hood on. I knitted the sweater (a modified Wallaby made from Homespun with ears and a tail). The ears and tail were inspired by this softie pattern from Fuzzy Mitten. My sister sewed the fleece pants.

Little Man enjoyed handing out candy to all the big kids on the street.

Today I tried to get Little Man to put Halloween stickers on a card for my mom as a thank you gift for the fun Halloween books she sent him. He decided it would be more fun to put most of them on his arm. It was really adorable. He was SO proud of himself.Anyway, I hope you all had a great and fun holiday if you celebrate Halloween. Otherwise, I hope you're just having a great week. Happy candy eating, everyone!


Carol said...

Awww little man looked awesome in that great costume!

Anonymous said...

The costume looks great! We have candy here to last unti the next millenium.
I love the zoo.

sophanne said...

That costume is just the best. I'm calling it an heirloom. As is that picture with the orangutan.