Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Not sure what it is this week, but I am having serious cravings for baked goods...and I am NOT a baker.

Just looked through my November Everyday Food magazine and I want to make every dessert in there:
Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pecan-Chocolate Chip Pie
Pumpkin Doughnut Muffins
Citrus-Glazed Pumpkin-Carrot Cake
Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Dulce de Leche
Pumpkin-Chocolate Tiramisu
I want them all!

Unfortunately, B isn't a big pumpkin fan and the boys aren't always adventurous when it comes to food--although N will usually go for any dessert. I don't think I can eat all these myself without being a two-ton-Tessy.

Anyone want to come over for dessert?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A new hobby?

Or just an impulse buy? Aren't these some of the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen? Couldn't resist this book today when I ran into Lowes for some light bulbs. I know J would be so excited about them, but not sure if he'd actually eat one. They are just too cute for words. Just had to share.

Corn on the cob! Love the jelly bean corn kernels. Would be fun for a summer BBQ party.


Panda bears!!

So cute and girly!

J would just die with excitement over this tower of circus cupcakes!

Beautiful butterflies!

Oops, sideways photo, of yummy sunflowers with ladybugs.

Adorable little garden!

Garden with Easter eggs and bunny bottoms and feet. Too cute!


Sorry about the sideways photo, but LOVE these snowglobes!!!


What do you think? Will I ever make any of these? Hope so. They are SO adorable!

P.S. Do you think I used enough exclamation points in this post?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trip to Oregon in Photos: Part 2, The Zoo

On Sunday we went to the Oregon Zoo in Portland. As you can probably guess based on his animal obsession, J was in heaven.

Our navigator, J:
The river otters were super cool. They swam all over the place and kept doing flips up against the glass. The boys loved them. They were laughing out loud at their funny antics.

The beavers:
This was our first time seeing real beavers. I love the reflection of Oscar's huge smile in the glass.

The wolves:
They had a place where you could play animal sounds right next to the wolves. Oscar kept playing the wolf howling sound until a third wolf appeared and all three wolves started howling. It was really cool. Wish I had thought to make a movie of it.

The HUGE polar bear:
I've never seen a polar bear so close and didn't realize how big they are. As you can see in the picture, N was quite impressed with the bear's size too.

The elephants, Mama and 3 year-old Sam:
I just LOVE elephants!

The African wild dogs:
Wish I could have gotten a better picture. J said these were his favorite animal.

The caracal:
I thought Wendy, the caracal, was just beautiful. She was waiting for the dwarf mongooses to come wandering through in their tunnels so she could try to pounce on them.

What kind of wild animal is that?
J and Oscar enjoying a tunnel through the dwarf mongoose exhibit.

A rhino!:

A hippo!:
Another first for me.

N, Oscar and J:
J kept saying, "I'm the same size as a tiger!"

On the zoo train--Isla, Kristin, Chris and Oscar:

On the zoo train--N and J:

A leopard!:
What a beautiful animal. At this point, the children were exhausted and we were on our way out, but J and I couldn't resist a quick peak at the leopards. So glad we stopped to look.

Trip to Oregon in Photos: Part 1, The Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we went to see B's sister, her husband and their children in Oregon. It was a whirlwind visit, but we had such a blast. On Saturday we went to a great pumpkin patch/farm.

Our first stop was the pumpkin launch. With each paid admission, you get to launch two pumpkins.

My nephew Oscar, 3, very seriously watching how it's done while waiting his turn:

Making a plan (B and J):

The pull (B and N):

The release (Chris and Oscar):
Next we went to the pony rides.
My niece Isla, 17 months, watching the ponies:

My cowboys :) (J in front, B and N in the back):

Next we had a yummy lunch while listening to live blue grass music. Then on to the petting farm which included goats, a sheep, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, pigs, donkeys and a llama.

Oscar feeding a goat:
Isla trying to feed a rabbit:

The next stop was the hay pyramid. If you look closely, you can see B, N, Chris and Oscar. J was up there somewhere but can't be seen in the picture:
One of our many attempts to get a good picture of all four cousins:
J and Oscar had a blast on the pyramid:
Next we did the pyramid maze and then took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

The pumpkin patch (N is in the foreground and the rest of the crew is farther away in the background):
Oscar with his giant pumpkin:
Each paid admission includes one pumpkin of any size.

Another attempt at a cousin photo:

A group shot while waiting for the hayride back to the rest of the farm:
So much fall farm fun!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Last night I finished my final, for now, Black Apple doll. All four pairs of legs and arms are sewn and stuffed, their dresses, faces and hair are cut and sewn, their faces are embroidered, arms and legs are attached, bodies and heads are stuffed and seamed. They are finished! And they are adorable! I love them all.

For my nieces, Mary and Madeline:
For my niece, Isla:

For my niece, Lizzie:
My next step will be to knit a little cardigan for each doll. I have to create my own pattern, but I still think they should knit up pretty quickly. And, yes, Audra, I will record all knit pattern details here :). So exciting!

Once the sweaters are done, I will begin work on gifts for my four nephews. I am making my oldest nephew a stuffed Yoda. My other two Virginia nephews will get boy dolls--I'm thinking a construction worker/Handy Manny type and maybe a pirate. Still deciding on my Oregon nephew. I get to see him this weekend so I will hopefully come back inspired.

Happy crafting, everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Painting Fun

Last night I went to another fun night with friends from my neighborhood moms group. This one was at Sip N' Doodle, a really cool painting place. We each picked the painting we wanted to do and then the two artists walked us through the process. First we did the backgrounds. Then the artists helped us chalk in the design. Then we painted in the design and they helped give us suggestions for the details and finishing touches. I was very impressed with both the Sip N' Doodle artists and the women I went with. We all picked totally different paintings and they all turned out great.

This is my painting: I made it for the boys' bathroom. They both loved it. J was especially excited.

In fact, we were both so excited that today during N's nap time, J and I PAINTED!

This is J's painting:
I chalked on an outline for the elephant and lion cub (his request), but he did all the painting. I am so impressed with him and he was really excited too.

This is my painting:
Both paintings are going in J's room. After Halloween, I'm making him a new animal-themed bedspread.

I am so excited! After only one night, I feel like the women at Sip N' Doodle really taught me so much about painting. I can't wait to go back! And, I can't wait to paint more with J.