Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Etsy and Crafty Love

While on my forced blog break due to my dead computer, I kept busy doing knitting and other crafts and shopping for gifts on etsy. So to catch up on all this crafty and etsy fun are some photos:Bookmarks with vintage typewriter keys from Lizzy Bleu (etsy) for my two wonderful realtors: Kate Myers in Cleveland and Pat Orwig ( in Dallas.

A little something extra Lizzie Bleu included in my package for me.

This is a lovely print I bought for Norm's room.
I wanted something that had both blue and red in it to help the red loveseat look more like it belongs in the room. I fell in love with this whimsical print "Quite a Catch" by Gumball Grenade.

This is the print I got for John's room. It's called "photo opp. 4" and is by Creative Thursday. She has tons of adorable animal prints. I loved them all, but chose this one because of John's love of polar bears.

These are my first pair of Moc-a-Socs--a pattern I bought on etsy from Bekah Knits. I love this pattern! Very easy to use, but clever in its design. Unfortunately, the smallest size was just a tiny bit too small for Norm. I decided to mail these to a friend who just had her first baby, a boy, and am making Norm the next size up. On Ravelry here. (Size 2 needles, Bernat Softee Baby in blue, Baby Beehive in white.)

Some ghosts I knitted as favors for John's preschool class using this lovely free pattern by Jean Greenhowe. Very easy pattern. (Size 6 needles, garter stitch, very little yarn, I used Bernat Softee Baby). I changed the procedure for the arms slightly to streamline the process. See Ravelry or leave a comment if you want more details. On Ravelry here.

This is a pillow I made for the loveseat in Norm's room--another attempt to pull together the baby blue nursery and the red loveseat.

These are the five "loveys" I made for friends' new babies. They were fun to make and my cutting and sewing skills improved dramatically by number five. I cheated on the names. I found fonts I liked and printed the names onto paper. Then I pinned the paper on the lovey and did backstitching through the paper. Once I was done, I just ripped the paper off and "ta da" the names were there and looking much better than if I had freehanded them.

So that's all the love for now. Hope you enjoy some of your own crafty or etsy love soon.


Lydee said...

wow! you've done some beautiful work! love the loveys!

The ghosts are adorable! Wonder if they can be made as finger puppets too? That would be so cute! (always the music teacher here, lol!)

Thanks for your nice comments on my pictures. I think I'll order reprints for the family. I'm pleased with them.

Kate said...

Check out Portobello on Etsy. She has the coolest jewelry. Need to start getting some of my christmas shopping and knitting done. I got some great ideas from Julia - esp since Molly lives in WY. And I love the mocs - going to work on some of those too!

Cat said...

and why exactly is the loveseat in the nursery? and don't I get any credit for ordering norm's print, even if you did pick it out, and yes, you do beautiful work and I am quite impressed you get so much crafting done with two young children, I have been on almost a five year crafting break since my children were born... love you and can't wait to see more! -Cat

Erin said...

Haley!!! You're so talented!!!! When do I get to put my order in???

Nicole B. said...

it all turned out soooo cute!

Rhonda said...

I had no idea you were so talented! Beautiful work!