Monday, February 9, 2009

Knitting, knitting, and MORE knitting

I am in a knitting frenzy these days. I'm totally obsessed. Can barely think about anything else. Crazy, but true! If you could care less about knitting, please feel free to look at the pictures and ignore the rest of this post.

So far I've held two "Learn to Knit" meetups for my neighborhood moms group and have taught 6 people how to knit! I am so impressed with how quickly they learned to cast on and knit. This week I have a follow-up session that at least 7 people have signed up to attend (2 newbies and 5 returning to practice and ready to purl). It's SO much fun! I can't wait until people start diving into their first real projects. So exciting!

I've also managed to finish a number of projects. Last night I knit up a replacement heart finger puppet (for the one Pepper chewed up) and put faces on all 6 puppets so they are ready for J and his classmates on Thursday. (Click here for the FREE fingerpuppet pattern.)

I also finally got around to finishing the Fuzzy Mitten Farm Animals that I knit sometime before Christmas. I was originally going to give them to one of the boys for Christmas, but we had too many gifts for J and my in-laws told me that they had gotten N a little barn with farm animals so I decided to hold off until after the holidays. Anyway, all that embroidering of heart faces inspired me to finally add faces to the farm animals. The sheep face is my favorite. I bought the pattern for these farm animals on etsy, but there is also a Fuzzy Mitten blog. I've made other Fuzzy Mitten softies and all the patterns are very well written. These were really quick to knit, but took a little time to assemble and finish. There were many little clever shaping devices used in the patterns and I was very impressed. It is amazing to me how some people can visualize and design things like that. Maybe someday I will have more talent in that department. I gave the farm animals to J since he is such a huge farm animal fan--and, as you can see, they were a huge hit!
Fuzzy Farm Animals by Barbara Prime of Fuzzy Mitten
Yarn: Small amounts of worsted--15g according to the pattern (I used Lion Wool-Ease)
Needles: Size 6 doublepoint
Modifications: None that I remember

I also finished redoing the neck of J's hoodless Wallaby. I ended up ripping out the collar and then doing four more rounds before starting the seed stitch collar. More details below on my modifications. I don't think the neckline/collar is perfect, but J seems to really like it and has already worn it multiple times.

Wonderful Wallaby by Cottage Creations
Yarn: 6 skeins of Phildar Falaise (48% Cotton/39% Acrylic/13% Viscose; 50g/82 yds per skein)
Needles: Size 8 for body, Size 6 for cuffs
Size: My gauge was off so I was able to follow the pattern numbers for Size 2 to make a Size 4 sweater.
Modifications: Seed stitch for all borders. Seed stitch collar instead of a hood.
Seed stitch collar details: I followed the pattern until I got to the part for the neck shaping. At this point, I knit four more rows in stockinette stitch (1 more full decrease, an even row, 1 with decreases only on the sleeve stitches, and then another even row). I then did two rows of seed stitch (I had to increase one stitch in the first row of seed stitch to keep the pattern correct with the original seed stitch border). For the third row of seed stitch, I kept the five stitch border at the beginning and end of the row, but Kfb of every 3rd stitch for the rest of the row. I then knit even in seed stitch until the collar measured 1 1/2 inches. Then in the next row, I did seed stitch until I got to the back section , then I did seed stitch for 4 stitches, then m1, and repeated this pattern for the whole back section. Then I did even seed stitch for the rest of the row. Then I bound off all stitches in seed stitch.

Next up, I have started a Socktopus. I'm doing a little mini-knitalong with my friend Carol.

After that, I'm not sure which project will win. I want to do a cardigan for my nephew Oscar--by the way, his hat fit perfectly AND he likes it!!! I also want to do a lace scarf for myself, a pinwheel blanket for a friend, a cardigan for me, maybe some socks for N, some mittens for J...

The possibilities are endless--my knitting brain is just running in overdrive. Now if only I had more time...


Anonymous said...

I love the farm animals they are precious. I love my hat you made me and don't think I sent you a thank you card, I am sorry, thank you I love it! you are very seet to think of me and make me that and my scarf. I love you!1 Christie

Yarnhog said...

The wallaby is adorable, but the kid totally steals the show!

Cat said...

hey, I still want a chicken, preferrably black and white mixed :), thanks, Cat

Nicole B. said...

wow, you are making me feel lazy!!

Carol said...

I see you have been busy too! lots of beautiful knits!

I made it to the first leg and started the first sock well tried to I have no idea what and how to do the W&T??? ugh!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

You have been busy! Love the animals too cute.

Lydee said...

love that you led two knitting groups! awesome!!!! love the FO's too! J looks snuggly in his sweater.

mizsnick said...

That is so neat that you are teaching knitting! I Love to knit but i'm not that great with double pointed needles. Can do it but make too many mistakes. Think that's why I started crocheting. LOL

Love your pictures of your creations and your little ones!