Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's been snowing straight for over 24 hours and we are snowbound. Usually the Cleveland area is not slowed down by snow, but this one has been a doozy and they are telling everyone to stay off the roads. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but Brian has been down near Cincinnati since Thursday. Not only is he trying to drive back in this mess, but John and I are going stir crazy being home alone together. We had planned an exciting trip to Target to look at sheets for John's new big boy bed but it got nixed because of the weather. Oh well. John and I did make it out to tramp around in the snow a little--although I think we spent more time getting all bundled up than we spent outside.

On the knitting front, I finished all five twizzle hats for my sister-in-law and one for John. Look at the pics, he's actually wearing it! As some of you know, in the past John has preferred an old hat of mine to the hats I made for him. I've also begun knitting a Rusted Root for my twin sister since our birthday is at the end of this month. I'm a little nervous since in my 6 month pregnant state I can't try it on to make sure it's going to fit okay. Let's hope the knitting god/goddess/fairies/karma are on my side.

As to my long absence, we've been busy with family. My parents drove up last week and spent three days with us. John had SO much fun with his grandparents. He loved building towers with Papa and reading books with Mooma. The day my parents left, Brian's sister and her husband and seven month old, Oscar, arrived from Portland, Oregon. Oscar is adorable. Unfortunately, my lack of flash on my camera kept me from getting any good pics of him. We had fun having lots of family time including my first ever Cavs game. Great fun. They won! John stayed home with a babysitter since the game was during his naptime. It's been forever since he had a sitter so I was a little worried, but he did great. All around, it's been a busy, but fun time.


Lydee said...

Holy snow!

Missed you here in blogland, glad to know you're doing okay.

I was so happy when my oldest could get herself dressed to play in the snow, because it really does take forever to get their snow clothes on. Nice pics of John and the snow!

Nicole B. said...

Wow, I feel cold just looking at your photos. I think that is the closest we are getting to snow this year :) Hope your stir craziness ends soon! Will has a never ending cold which makes me second guess every social activity, so we'll see how the week goes. Look forward to catching up soon.