Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yes, I Can

Lydee asked if I could make the Halloween Ghosties into fingerpuppets and the answer is:
Yes, I can.
I used Jean Greenhowe's pattern, but only closed one end of the ghost. I added the three loops to the top of that end of the ghost. I then used doublepoint needles (size 5 because that's what I had handy) to pick up two stitches on the side of the ghost. I then did i-cord for 5 rows. For row 6, I knit 2 together and then bound off the stitch. I repeated this on the second side. Wove in all yarn ends. And my first fingerpuppet was complete. These are even more fun than the softies because they are faster. I've made four now, but only photographed the first one. On Ravelry here.

Happy October, everyone!


Lydee said...

they are SOOO cute!!!

Jadielady said...

Awww those are so awesome!