Monday, April 5, 2010

Music to My Ears

This morning I got serenaded all the way to school. I only wish I could have recorded it because J and N sang me the most adorable rendition of "Down By the Bay" that I have ever heard. It went something like this:

J: Down by the bay
N: Bay
J: Where the watermelons grow
N: Grow
J: Back to my home
N: Home
J: I dare not go.
N: Go
J: For if I do
N: Do
J: My mother will say
N: Say
J: Did you ever see a moose kissing a lion--roar--down by the bay.

There were a ton of silly verses and I loved them all. J got very creative and N did a great job harmonizing. ADORABLE!!!!!!

Wish you were there.

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Nicole said...

awww...what a nice way to start the week.