Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Giants of the Savanna

When we moved to Texas, my sister-in-law bought us a family membership to the Dallas Zoo as a gift. We really enjoyed going so after a year, we bought ourselves a new one. Anyway, recently the zoo opened its new Giants of the Savanna area. This weekend we went to check it out. It's 11 acres of excitement and fun. I was really impressed with the layout, animal habitats and general atmosphere. It was a hot Texas day, but we still had so much fun. Anyway, here are some of our pics from our morning at the zoo. If you live in the area, this is definitely worth a visit to the Dallas Zoo.

J and B posing with a sign on our way to the Giants of the Savanna area of the zoo.

I thought the bathroom sign was hilarious. B thought it was hilarious that I took a picture of it.

The first area we got to was the elephants. This is where they do the zoo keeper interactions. There were two elephants hanging out here.

This is part of their large habitat. Right now there are either five or six elephants in the herd. Eventually the ostriches and impalas will be intermingled with the elephants. They are all separated right now as they get used to their new home.

The giraffe feeding station. We had so much fun with the giraffes!

I love how these three younger giraffes hung out close together.

We bought giraffe treats (lettuce) so we could feed the giraffes. Here is B feeding them outside of the feeding area. We got in trouble--oops!

N feeding a giraffe (right before we got redirected to the feeding area). Love this pic of his sweet little head.

J feeding a giraffe.

N's hand in a giraffe's mouth.

N was really excited about being so close to the cheetahs.

N: "Cat!"

We also got this close to the lions (although we just missed the lion training demonstration) and saw ostriches and impalas from afar. The warthogs and red river hogs were sleeping in the heat but we enjoyed checking them out too.

On our way back to the car, we stopped for a water and snack break. I decided to pull out my knitting which I had brought along in honor of National Knit in Public Day. I got one row done on the sleeve of my Minimalist Cardigan. Hey, one row is better than nothing.

All in all, a great day at the zoo!

P.S. This is my 500th blog post! Woo hoo!

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Nicole B. said...

wow! miss you! hope to touch base sometime soon. seems like N has a full head of hair, all of the sudden?!? looks like y'all had a great time! haircut??