Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Painting Fun

Last night I went to another fun night with friends from my neighborhood moms group. This one was at Sip N' Doodle, a really cool painting place. We each picked the painting we wanted to do and then the two artists walked us through the process. First we did the backgrounds. Then the artists helped us chalk in the design. Then we painted in the design and they helped give us suggestions for the details and finishing touches. I was very impressed with both the Sip N' Doodle artists and the women I went with. We all picked totally different paintings and they all turned out great.

This is my painting: I made it for the boys' bathroom. They both loved it. J was especially excited.

In fact, we were both so excited that today during N's nap time, J and I PAINTED!

This is J's painting:
I chalked on an outline for the elephant and lion cub (his request), but he did all the painting. I am so impressed with him and he was really excited too.

This is my painting:
Both paintings are going in J's room. After Halloween, I'm making him a new animal-themed bedspread.

I am so excited! After only one night, I feel like the women at Sip N' Doodle really taught me so much about painting. I can't wait to go back! And, I can't wait to paint more with J.


Nicole B. said...

very cool!

Mary said...

Your little man has alot of talent just like his momma!

Anonymous said...

Haley, those paintings are amazing! I'm so impressed!