Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Digital Photo Painting

My blogger friend Becky recently blogged about a digital painting that another blogger, Jane, did of her dog Liza Jane. It was a beautiful painting and I immediately wanted to send Jane pictures of my dogs. I didn't have a good picture of Pepper handy, but I found this one of my first girls Zoe and Pepper:

So I sent it on to Jane. And she created this:

Isn't it beautiful? I think she so perfectly captured my sweet girls. I immediately e-mailed Jane and asked her how she does it. Here is her reply:

I would call myself a digital photo painter, my focus being portraits--people and pets--and some landscapes. The photo is considered my sketch which I bring into digital editing program called Adobe Photoshop and then into Corel Painter which with a graphics tablet and stylus I paint stroke by stroke just as I would paint with real paint, a canvas and a paintbrush. I've been doing this for about a year and a half and I'm now starting to do commission work. The Pet Project started as a way to get my art out there, while also being able to earn a little money and be able to donate a little as well. My husband and I have now adopted two rescue pups, so I'm very fond of animal welfare organizations.

Anyway, if you want to see more of Jane's work, please check out her blog here. On her blog are links to the website where she sells her work. A portion of proceeds from the pet paintings (available as notecards too) will be donated to animal welfare organizations.

And, if you have some cute photos of your pets and would like to see them painted, please send them to Jane at


Jane said...

Thanks so much, Haley. It was a pleasure painting your girls. Have a wonderful day!

Nicole B. said...

Wow, those are amazing!

Shelley said...

those are great Haley. Your friend is very talented, I will pass this along...thanks for sharing!