Saturday, November 5, 2011

Payton Update

Well, Payton's name has stuck. She seems to respond to it and the boys like it--so Payton it is. As you can see, she and Pepper are still having a blast.

Payton is just enough bigger than Pepper that we've decided not to let her get on the sofa. But I felt bad for her sleeping on the floor, so I made her a dog bed. I just bought some really soft fabric and made a big pillowcase and then filled it with three pillows. It was really easy to make and I can just slip the pillows back out to wash it. And the fabric I picked matches Pepper and Payton perfectly :).

As you can see, Payton is enjoying her bed.

I made one for Pepper too. Hers is smaller (just two pillows inside).
But Pepper would rather just sleep on the sofa.

But N really likes her new dog bed.
These were so easy and inexpensive to make. The pillows were $2.50 each. I used a coupon to buy the 3 yards of fabric.

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you have a great one!


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That's awesome fabric. Nice to see Payton is making herself at home.