Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two Dogs in a Car

For Thanksgiving, we drove 18 hours to spend the week with my family in Virgina. Pepper has always been horrible in the car--very nervous and unsettled and constantly climbing in your lap and panting. At forty pounds, she is too big to be in a lap. We had only had Payton for three weeks at that time so had no idea how she would do. Luckily, both dogs did great! We folded down and stowed one of the captain seats and put a dog bed there. We also put a pillow between the two front seats. Pepper still panted and Payton got a bit drooly, but they were pretty settled and generally happy. The two of them cracked us up with all the crazy positions they got in--so, of course, I had to share some pictures :).

Both dogs trying to be between the two front seats:

Payton got there first and laid down. Pepper just sat down anyway almost on her head. Butt to head:
Payton wasn't sure if she liked this position. Pepper sitting on Payton:
So Pepper weaseled her way into the spot and Payton half joined her. Head to head:
After I moved to the back to keep the boys company, the dogs decided to try out the dog bed. Side by side:

Next, Payton decided to see how this "sitting on your fellow dog" business worked. Payton sitting on Pepper:

Side by side looking like twins again:
Pepper makes a good pillow!:
Maybe head to tail is best:

The dogs weren't the only ones being silly:

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