Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New Goal

I just watched this snippet from the Ellen show. It shows an interview with actress Amanda Seyfried. She talks about how she knits while she's on the elliptical. I've always thought I'd work out much more if I could knit and workout at the same time. I've tried knitting and doing Wii Fit and quickly injured myself. (Stupid idea I know.) I've tried knitting while on the treadmill and had to go too slow to really feel good about it. Apparently, what I need is an elliptical. Then I can knit and workout to my heart's content.

New Goal for 2012: Find a cheap elliptical machine :).

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Jadielady said...

I saw that interview too! I can barely do an elliptical with my hands free, but I bet it'd be easier on a bike.