Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer, Where did you go?

So Summer break has come and gone and all I can think is "Where did it go?"  As you may recall, the boys and I made a ginormous Summer Bucket List.  I'd like to say that our summer flew by as we busily accomplished all the great adventures on that list.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  We spent lots of time doing very ordinary things like reading books, watching TV, and swimming at our neighborhood pools.  We did have some adventures including swim lessons, a trip to the beach with my family, a week of drama camp for J, a visit from our friends in Austin, a week of soccer camp for both boys, and a two week visit that included time with family in both Virginia and Ohio.  In between these bigger adventures, we did have some fun doing a little painting and t-shirt making and a few other crafty adventures.  I even did a little tiny bit of knitting, but not much--just wasn't inspired to knit this summer.  But mostly, we just hung out.  Hopefully soon I'll catch up on my photo uploading and will share a few here.  Until then, happy 1st day of school!

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