Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Texas Trivia

Still in Texas. Still adjusting to the heat. Still hating taking the dogs out with two children and a flight of stairs. Still loving being together as a family.

We had our house inspection yesterday. It's amazing the things that can need repair on a four year-old house. The roof needs to be replaced--not due to general wear and tear, but due to hail damage. I guess that's really common around here. The current owner's house insurance should cover it so it's not a big issue. Glad to get it out of the way before we taken possession though. My realtor said that she doesn't know anyone who's paid to replace their roof because the insurance company replaces them so often because of hail damage. Another little bit of Texas trivia.
Other fun fact: The inspector said that there are two types of houses in Texas--the ones with termites and the ones that will get termites. Luckily, ours is still one of the former types. He said it takes a while for the termites to find the new developments. Something fun to deal with in the future!
Anyway, here are two new photos of the boys. Norm joined John in his bed for storytime on Monday night. As you can see, John brought lots of fun bedding (thanks, Aunt Cat!) with him from Ohio. I think he's getting spoilt by the huge bed. He may never want to sleep in his twin bed again.
As you can see, I decide to join in on the snuggling!

Hope you all are well. Please feel free to e-mail or call. We'd love to hear from you! Off to do some packing for our beach trip!


sophanne said...

The gang looks good! Welcome Home. There is no small amount of relief in your face, I must say.

Yarnhog said...

You all look wonderful! Texas seems to be agreeing with you.

Lydee said...

awww, you all look so snuggly! norm looks so sweet! and john looks ornery! he is loving that bed!

Nicole B. said...

just catching up on stuff now that we're back from VA. yep, we've had the roof replaced since we lived here :) hope you are having a great time at the beach!!!!