Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: To Do List Edition

We closed on our house on Monday! We take possession tomorrow! Our stuff arrives on Thursday! I still have so much to do. So this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is...

Top Ten Things I Need to Do This Week

10. Decide which bedroom is John's and which bedroom is Norman's and decide if I need an additional monitor since both boys will be upstairs and we will be downstairs.

9. Buy a thank you gift for Pat, the wonderful realtor we worked with here in Texas. I was thinking of doing a gift certificate to this yummy place. (I also need to get one for Kate, our realtor back in Ohio.)

8. Find a preschool for John. I hope to sign him up for 2 mornings a week in the fall. I guess this doesn't have to happen THIS week, but it does need to happen soon.

7. Get a Texas driver's license and license plates. I've only completed step one of a four stop process. Again, I guess this doesn't HAVE to happen this week, but it should be done ASAP.

6. Buy a washer and dryer. Front-load or top-load? Too many choices. Any suggestions?

5. Buy some bourbon and ginger ale so I can celebrate with my mom who is coming on Friday! This is not as easy as it sounds as our county is "damp" and only sells beer and wine. Luckily, I have to drive through a "wet" county to get to the airport.

4. Pack up the apartment.

3. Unload everything into our new house.

2. Decide where to put all my furniture and stuff. Where do we put the basement stuff now that we have no basement? Where do we put our table and chairs (in the dining room or the breakfast room)? What sofa goes into the family room and which one goes up to the game room?

1. Have fun with my mom, my husband, and my boys!

1 comment:

Kate said...

how in the world did you 2 end up in a "damp" county....

I guess housewarming gifts should be directed at stocking the bar!!!