Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten in 2010: Goals for the Year

I'm not a big resolutions kind of person, but every January I do start thinking about how I would like to better myself and my world in the new year. I can't help it. It just happens. Here are ten of those goals, or hopes, for 2010.

1. I hope to be a better mom this year. I'm not saying I've been a terrible mom, but I haven't been the best either. For one, I've yelled way too much in 2009. I hope that in 2010 I will set a better example for my boys on how to handle life without yelling.

2. I hope to continue strengthening my relationship with B this year. We added some date nights in 2009 that were great, but I want to make sure we continue focus on spending quality time together this year.

3. I hope to be better at keeping my house in order this year. Not only do I need to find a better way to organize my time so that the house gets cleaned on a regular basis, but also I want to help get into a better cleanup routine with the boys so there aren't toys everywhere all the time. I want to teach them good life habits. And, I'm tired of feeling guilty about NOT cleaning.

4. I hope to do better with cooking on a regular basis and about cooking healthy food. I want to help my boys build better eating habits and I want to be a healthier person. And, I'm tired of feeling guilty about NOT cooking.

5. I want to exercise more. I've NEVER been a person who exercised. I've tried a few times, but it never lasted too long. I'd just rather be knitting. I'm trying again. I'm not worried about losing weight or anything, but I would really like to be healthier. If I happen to look better in a bathing suit, then that is just an awesome bonus.

6. I want to spend more time enjoying my children. I'm with my children all the time, but I'm not always enjoying them. I want to be able to slow down more and just appreciate them and how wonderful they are.

7. I want to focus on the important things in life and ignore some of the fluff. I think this means a lot less time on the internet. Sorry friends! You'll probably be reading less of this blog this year, seeing less comments from me on your blogs and seeing less of me on Ravelry and Facebook. Wish me luck!

8. I want to continue my knitting and try some new patterns and techniques. I love that knitting is both relaxing and creative for me. I love the tried and true parts as well as the opportunities to learn new things.

9. I want to give more this year. I'm not sure how, but I want to give back more this year. I want to get involved in some sort of charity work, be kinder to the environment, generally make the world a better place.

10. I really hope to achieve more balance in my life this year. I always feel like I'm doing well in one area and am behind in everything else. I'm either being a good wife or a good mom, but rarely both. If I cooked dinner, the house is a mess. If I cleaned, we're having hotdogs and french fires for dinner. If the boys are happy, I've neglected me or B. I need to find a way to balance all the aspects of my life so that all bases are covered or that I am fine with the ones that are not. I think this will be the key to achieving all my goals for 2010.

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Carol said...

sounds like excellent goals, here's hoping you can achieve them!