Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Create...a happy animal lover

J has been on an animal kick for a long time. He LOVES going to the zoo. He LOVES reading books about animals. He LOVES watching animal shows on TV. He LOVES his Playmobil zoo he got for Christmas.

So a few months ago I bought some animal fabric to make him a new bedspread. His current one was a Sesame Street one my sister made him when he was two. We redecorated his room with paintings of animals that he and I painted shortly thereafter. But I never got around to making the bedspread since that's when we started getting the house ready to sell since we were moving. I didn't want to have the mess of a sewing project so I put it away for after the move.

Well, now that the move isn't happening, I decided to make that bedspread. The fabric J picked was out of stock everywhere except the one place I originally found it so I only had 2 1/4 yards to work with. I found a coordinating stripe and made this simple little bedspread:

I would have loved to had enough animal print for the sham, but I think the stripes work okay.

The backing is zebra print fleece--really soft and cuddly.

Pepper had to check it out right away during my photo shoot.

I didn't get a chance to get a picture of J when he first saw it, but he was really excited about it. He said he LOVED it.

Sweet dreams had by all. What do you think?

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Nicole B. said...

so cute!!