Monday, February 28, 2011

My favorite part of motherhood

Potty training. Actually, possibly my least favorite part of motherhood.

N started wearing underwear during his waking hours on Friday. It's been a rough 4 days. He's had some successes including staying dry at the dentist today. He even peed in the potty there (twice). Once prompted by me and once on his own "I need to pee." That was very exciting.

Unfortunately, that was followed by a puddle of pee on my floor this evening. And then there's the total lack of poop going in the potty. Yes, a big fat zero poops in the potty in four days. Luckily, he's not doing the holding thing. Just pooping in his underwear (good times) or in his diaper during nap time (could be worse.)

N gets rewarded with a giant jelly bean if he pees in the potty and will get 3 if he ever poops in the potty. J also gets a jelly bean if N pees in the potty. This helps him to encourage N in his potty efforts. My favorite moment from yesterday was when N was peeing in the potty and told me "I'm peeing in the potty because J likes jelly beans." Too cute!

Anyway, I was talking to N tonight about school tomorrow. I told him he'd have to wear a diaper to school tomorrow. I told him once he was peeing AND pooping in the potty, he could wear his big boy underwear to school. He told me "that would be awesome." It was so adorable. Now THAT is my favorite part of motherhood--those little moments where you think I can't believe I helped create something so adorable.

Motherhood. Ain't it grand?

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