Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our new baby...or why I still haven't finished my sweater

I recently "liked" the local animal shelter's page on Facebook and ever since I've been looking daily at the dogs up for adoption there. This shelter takes in all strays for our county as well as dogs and cats that have been surrendered by their owners. Last week I spotted a little cutie who looked a lot like our sweet Pepper--in fact, she looked like Pepper's long lost twin. We've been wanting to get Pepper a friend, but kept putting it off. When I saw this little cutie, I told B I thought it might be time. After several dogs got euthanized because the shelter was full, I decided I had to go save a dog. On Thursday, I went down to the shelter. I was introduced to Payton. She was such a sweetie, but bigger than expected. Only 48 pounds, but on a big frame. I was torn. That was more dog than I was expecting. But after spending some time with Payton, I couldn't leave her there. So here is our newest baby:

She came with the name Payton which B and I weren't crazy about, but we couldn't think of anything better and now Payton has stuck. So Payton it is. She is between 1 and 2 years old and is a "shepherd mix." We think of her as a bigger, goofier, floppier version of Pepper.

The girls have been getting along great! They love playing in the backyard.

They will even sit together and give me this sweet look.
Payton has blended wonderfully into our family. She appears to be house-trained (no accidents yet), knows "sit" and goes into her crate willingly when we have to leave her. She gives kisses whenever she gets a chance and follows me around like my shadow.

I feel so lucky to have found such a sweet addition to our family.

But unfortunately, both my hands have been busy petting dogs (Pepper on one side and Payton on the other) so I haven't done much knitting. One day I will finish that sweater I'm working on.

Until then I'll just keep enjoying my girls.

As you can see, N is enjoying them too.

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