Sunday, October 16, 2011

State Fair! (Warning LOTS of photos)

So we finally made it to the Texas State Fair. In fact, this was our first state fair experience. B's parents are in town and J had a free ticket so we decided now was a good of time as any.

We started by heading straight for the iconic Texas Ferris wheel.

J got distracted by the Alpine ride and decided to go on that instead. He loves anything that spins around--the faster the better. Here's a pic of J and B on the Alpine ride (from my view in line for the Ferris wheel).

N and I on the Ferris wheel.
Looking down at the ride J and B were on.

Next stop, the whale ride N spotted from the Ferris wheel. I love how happy my boys look hanging out together.

Next, J and B went on this roller coaster, the Zillerator. J LOVES roller coasters. N likes them too, but he was too short to go on this one.

After checking out the rest of the midway, J, N and I decided to ride the Sky Way to the food court. This was probably my favorite part of the day because I had my two boys all to myself. It was a fun, peaceful moment in the day and the boys loved seeing the fair from this aerial view.
The food court was my next stop where we enjoyed Belgian waffles, corndogs, gyros and fried beer. Yes, fried beer.
There is actually liquid beer inside this fried outer shell. Unfortunately, beer isn't really meant to be fried and it tasted a bit stale. But if you put enough cheese on them, they were kind of good.

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed their whipped cream covered waffles.

Next we decided to check out some of the traditional fair venues including the Creative Arts building. Outside of the building, we saw this lovely crochet covered golf cart. LOVE it!
Inside we found this intricate butter sculpture.Yes, this is all carved out of BUTTER.
Some of the lovely, award-winning knit items on display:

Next, we had to check out some of the animals. My favorites were these adorable little piglets.

At this point, it was over 86 and around 2PM and the grounds were PACKED. So we went on one last ride before heading home. The boys loved lining up next to the Big Tex You-Must-Be-This-Tall signs.
LOVE those smiles!

Bye-bye, Big Tex! See you again next year.We'll need to head back. I didn't get to get any deep-fried cheesecake. :)

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