Monday, April 2, 2012

A Little Easter Craftiness

I saw these fun yarn eggs on Pinterest and immediately thought they'd make a fun wreath. So I made a BUNCH using yarn in my stash (all leftover from other projects). They got better over time and I eventually picked my favorites to make this wreath. To make the wreath, I connected the eggs with a bit of glue and then reinforced the wreath by putting two rounds of clear fishing line through the middle of the eggs (to help hold the round wreath shape). To make the eggs, see the tutorial on the original post. Make sure you follow the directions to wipe off the excess glue before you wrap the yarn or they won't look as good. I used around 25 feet of yarn per egg. I felt the wreath needed a little something extra so I found the cute little birds at The Dollar Tree.

Happy almost Easter, everyone!

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Nicole B. said...

SO cute!!!