Friday, March 14, 2008

Knitting: Take the Bad with the Good

First, the GOOD. Earlier this week, I got a little care package in the mail. Julie thought I could use a little pick me up and what could make me happier than this:

A package of knitting yumminess. Julie sent me The Opinionated Knitter so I can come to love and appreciate the genius of Elizabeth Zimmermann. She also sent me some yummies from her stash. Including my first sock yarn (Socks That Rock in Bella Coola), my first Malabrigo (in a very delicious apple green), my first alpaca (Classic Elite Inca Alpaca) and some delicious Egyptian Cotton (Classic Elite Province). I've been instructed that the STR MUST be made into a Baby Surprise Jacket. I only hope mine will turn out as beautifully as Julie's BSJs. Needless to say, this package made me VERY happy. Thank you, sweet Julie! And if anyone has any suggestions for what I should make with the rest of this yarn, please pass them on.

Now, the BAD. Although it's not SO bad. I've decided to make a Rusted Root for my twin sister, Cat. Our birthday is on the 27th. As most of you know, when I made my Rusted Root, it was ill-fated and I frogged many an attempt before I got the sizing right. I was not concerned about making another one because I had mine to use as a guide. For it to fit my sister, I just need to add a little more length in the raglan and some length at the bottom (my sister is about an inch taller than me). My sister wanted one "just like mine." But my knit shop went out of business and the next one I found did not carry that yarn. I found a different yarn that was a similar color, but machine-washable and decided it was a better fit for my sister. (She is not one to hand wash things.) Anyway, I foolishly cast on without checking gauge. After about 30 rows, I realized that the new Rusted Root was knitting up way too small.

I decided to try one needle size up, after about 11 rows, it seemed a bit too small. So I decided to try the next row up, it seemed perfect at first, but after about 25 rows I realized it was now too BIG. So I'm back to the middle size. I wanted to finish the whole thing before I went home for Easter, but I'm too worried about fit. So I'm just going to knit through the raglan and then let me sister try it on while I'm home for Easter. Normally, I would just try it on myself, but with less than 3 months to go in this pregnancy, I don't think I'm shaped much like my sister these days. Oh well. Here's hoping that the knitting goddess/god/fairy somehow finds her way to me and that this Rusted Root fits my sister.

Hope you all are doing well. Happy knitting! and have a good weekend!


sophanne said...

What great surprises. That will make a beautiful baby surprise jacket!

Lydee said...

lovely surprise! Let us know how rusted root turns out!

Debra said...

Wow, how nice of Julie! What treasures!!! I'm happy for you Haley.

janet said...

LOVE the purple. So very Spring!!
I worried so much about the fit that I stopped knitting. Problem solved!!