Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Going to Be a House

Well, I'm back home. After a week in Virginia with my family and lovely Spring weather (sunny and up in the 70s for the last few days), I'm back in Ohio with actually pretty good weather for us. When we left last Saturday, we had 6 inches of snow to deal with, but now that's all melted, the sun is shining and everything is a bit of a muddy mess. Welcome, Spring!

I had a great time in Virginia! Easter was a crazy day, but lots of fun. There were about 40 members of my family (including 17 of John's generation) at my parents' house for the day. My cousin Leslie organized a wonderful Easter egg hunt, John's first. In the tradition started by my grandmother, each child got a certain color egg to look for (John's color was orange). That way everyone gets the same amount of candy and the little ones have a chance to find as many eggs as the older children. To add to the fun, Leslie also sprinkled some extra candy around the yard that was fair game for children and adults alike. I took pictures of the fun, but they're on my mom's camera so I can't share them just yet. Sorry! Just take my word for it; it was a ton of chaotic fun!

I also celebrated my 32nd birthday while I was in Lynchburg. My twin sister Cat planned a little surprise birthday party/baby shower for me. It was lots of fun. She made tons of delicious food and I even had two friends drive in from out of town for it. Thanks, Kate and Emily, for coming in town to see me! Thanks, Cat, for being the best sister ever!
John did well while we were there. I was a little nervous about the big boy bed transition there, but he did great. It probably helped that Cat made him a cool Sesame Street bedspread that he got to start using while we were there. He also did well in the car so I got some good knitting done:My sister's Rusted Root. I made her try it on multiple times while I was in Lynchburg. So far so good. Not too much ripping. The Rusted Root and I might just be friends yet. This bottom picture shows the true color of the yarn.This is a cardigan I'm making for my next little guy. It's a new pattern for me and I'm enjoying it. It's knit top down. I knit the sleeves in the round so no seaming. I just need to finish the neckband and then pick up stitches and add a button band. Again, this bottom picture is the true color of the yarn.This is a small mini swatch for a sweater I'm going to make for John. I'm going to use the same cardigan pattern as I did for his baby brother. The yarn is a bit tacky, but John loves it and it's really soft and machine washable.
I also have plans to make a BSJ for my next little guy with this lovely STR from Julie, but I haven't decided on sleeve length yet so it sits in line for now.

That's all the news for now. Unfortunately, no good news on the job front just yet. We had a HUGE disappointment right before Easter, but I didn't feel like sharing our foul humor so I decided not to blog about it. Anyway, keep us in your thoughts and prayers and hopefully something will work out soon.

In other news, only 2 months to go until my next little man arrives. Currently, my butt and my belly are racing to see who can grow the biggest the fastest. Luckily, my belly is winning. As my sister so nicely put it this week: I'm going to be a house!


sophanne said...

The sweater for the new guy is adorable!

How many houses can pop babies out the back door, I ask you???

Lydee said...

Happy B-day! Love the Easter Egg tradition of each child looking for a specific color!

The knitting projects look good! Sorry to hear of another job disappointment. My prayers are with you.

Glad to hear the snow melted. Time for spring!