Friday, May 2, 2008

Oh, no!

John's been sleeping in his big boy bed (a twin bed with bed rail) for about a month and a half now. Today, he realized he could get out of bed on his own. He did it at naptime which wasn't a BIG deal as I was on my way to get him up anyway. Unfortunately, he then did it twice at bedtime which was much more distressing. Apparently, my unhappiness was apparent to him and he did not try again after his second return to bed. But who knows what the future will bring. He has a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night and think it's time to get up. He's also been trying to get up at 6AM recently, but I leave him in bed long enough to get in a shower. I'm afraid he's going to be jumping out of bed and wandering around in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice?


Lydee said...

Yeah, I remember that time. Once the thrill of my girls' new found freedom wore off, they went back to their regular sleeping patterns. They only get up now if they're sick or of they had (oops) an accident. And they like to sleep in as much as I do! (usually, except on weekends!)

Yarnhog said...

He's found freedom and there's really nothing you can do to turn back the clock. Sorry.

I spent almost a year sitting at the top of the stairs for two hours every night, putting my son back in bed over and over and over again. It wasn't until I started letting him sleep in his brother's room that he finally started going to sleep easily. I guess he just didn't like being alone in the dark.

Debra said...

This may seem obvious, but I've dealt with the same thing recently. I just tell her that she cannot get off her bed until Mama comes in and tells her naptime is over, or it's time to get up (in the morning).

I had to reinforce the rule a couple of times, but since then, she is great to follow it. Sometimes she will say, "Mama, I'm ready to get up now." But she still plays and waits until I come in to get her.

Hope that helps ;o)

How's that baby? When are you due?

Taylor, PK & Fin said...

Hey there! I only have one tidbit to pass along regarding the "getting up in the morning and wandering thru the house" thing. We started putting a dog gate at the top of the stairs once Fin moved to a big-boy bed so that if he should wake up in the middle of the night he can't go down the stairs but only into our bedroom. The only other rooms upstairs are the guest room (which we have a child lock on) and the bathroom and Fin doesn't seem to care about that! Good luck!