Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: Talking Edition

First, a quick life update:

I donated all four bags of lovely acrylic/nylon yarn to Warm Up America. There should be some lovely machine washable, colorful, fun afghan squares appearing in the near future. I hope they will be enjoyed.

We're still busy painting and organizing and donating and rearranging and packing things in our house in an attempt to get it ready to put on the market--even though we don't yet know when or where we're moving. We're making progress (despite the fact I only work on it during naptime or after John goes to bed--when I'm not napping myself). Meanwhile, the house is even more of a mess than it was before.

We finally moved some furniture into the nursery (formerly our guest room) today. Since this next little guy is due in 4 weeks, I guess it's about time. It's all very exciting.

John continues to be a great source of entertainment. His vocabulary grows daily although his pronunciation is still not quite there-- and thus this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic:

Top Ten Things I Love to Hear My Two Year Old Say

10. Mommy (The good mommy, not the whiny mommy.)

9. Jelly Beans (He just rediscovered his Easter candy.)

8. Wee Winkie, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Noopny (To clarify, the first one is Wee Willie Winkie and the last one is Snoopy.)

7. Amen (We've started saying his prayers at night before bed.)

6. Okey-dokey

5. Please and Thank you (or "pease" and "dank you.")

4. Bless You (There has been a lot of sneezing in our house recently, but now even the dogs get a nice "bless you" from John.)

3. Daddy vacuum (Yes, my son thinks the vacuum is daddy's and I encourage that idea. Yes, my husband does know how to use it and uses it on a regular basis. I am SO lucky!)

2. Stinky pits (Don't ask, but it's really funny.)

1. Love you!

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Lydee said...

good post! I love your top tens!