Thursday, December 11, 2008

Counting My Blessings

I've been driving extra cautiously and trying to be extra patient. I've been trying to remember every moment how very blessed I am. I've been wanting to blog all week, but I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to say.

On Monday night, a mom was driving with her three children and was in a car accident. She was taking a left turn and didn't see a car coming and the car was broadsided. She and her two year-old were bruised, but otherwise physically fine. Her eight year-old had major injuries to his leg and has already undergone two major surgeries. Her four year-old was killed.

I just can't imagine. My heart breaks for her. My heart breaks for the entire family. I just can't imagine what they must be going through. I wish I could do something, but I know nothing will take away the pain and anguish they must be feeling.

I tried to do something by making a donation to a bereavement fund set up for the family. I've been saying lots of prayers. I've never met this woman, but I wish I could give her a big hug and hold her tight and tell her that somehow everything is going to be all right.

Why does it take tragedies like this to make us realize how blessed our everyday lives are? Today I am counting my many blessings (two of which are snuggled in their beds right now as I type this). I pray that I will never have to feel the unimaginable pain of losing one of my children. I pray that I will be spared that anguish. I pray that God will hold this mom close and hug her and tell her that somehow everything is going to be all right.

For more info, or if you want to help this family, check here and here.


mizsnick said...

That is so sad.

Hearing stuff like that gives you more of a reason to Cherish every moment you have with your Loved Ones!

Yarnhog said...

My husband and I have been walking around dazed for two days, because a military jet went down in a neighborhood near ours (we live near Miramar MCAS), destroying a house, and killing grandmother, mom, and two small children. The dad, who was at work, came home to find his entire world gone. I can't even imagine.

Nicole B. said...

i've definitely been feeling really blessed too. it seems like every week or so, i hear about some friend going through something really difficult. i'm doing my best to help everyone out as best i can, and it just seems so much worse when bad stuff happens during the holidays.

Lydee said...

that is heart breaking. my prayers go out to both families mentioned here.

Kate said...

I have been sitting here today wondering what happened to my decision making skills. My kids. I can't leave my heart out of anything. And sometimes the fear of making the wrong decision or exposing them to the wrong thing can almost paralyze me. Then I have to take the moment to realize how much time I am wasting filling with bogus errands and stuff.
I can't imagine being that mom - I would want to run and bury myself under the covers but you still have to keeping going for the others.

Erin said...

Amen sister!