Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday: Numbers Edition

Had to share this adorable "Holy Smore" that my nephew and niece made me. Isn't it great? Reminds me of my neighbors back in Ohio, my smore buddies. Miss you!

It's been a long time since I've done a Top Ten Tuesday. This week I thought I'd do one, but do it a little differently. This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is
Top Ten Numbers in the Countdown to Christmas

10: The number of gifts I still need to make before Christmas (2 knitted gifts, 1 sewn gift, and 7 crafted gifts).

9: The number of days until Christmas.

8: The number of reindeer ornaments J and I made to give as gifts.

7: The number of books J owns about the Christmas story. (This is a simple and straightforward telling. The pictures in this one are beautiful.)

6: The number of hours sleep I got on Sunday night (not enough).

5: The number of hours sleep I got last night (really not enough).

4: The number of errands I planned to run today while J was at school. (I didn't run any of them because school was closed due to ice.)

3: The number of "boys" in my life who are making this Christmas extra special.

2: The number of flights it will take to get to my family in Virginia for the holidays.

1: The number of reasons for the season that really matters. Thank you, Baby Jesus! (Does anyone else think of this movie when they hear that?)

Happy Holidays, everyone! Off to work on some presents.

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Lydee said...

good post, sweet. I always enjoy the top ten tuesdays :-)