Monday, November 16, 2009


I finally forced myself to take a break from knitting to finish some baby gifts. I have lots of friends who have had babies recently (well, some not so recently now) and I just hadn't stopped knitting long enough to finish their baby gifts. So the last week has been dedicated to crafty goodness.

I made two little square loveys for two precious baby boys.

Three little stuffed heart toys complete with jingle bells and fun ribbon taggies for three baby girls.
And, my favorites, these precious little lovey dolls for two more baby girls.

While I was crafting, I decided to go ahead and make N's stocking. I still need to add his name, but it is otherwise complete. I did a transportation theme since N loves planes. I got my inspiration from these adorable backpacks I found on etsy. Go here to see the rest of our stockings.

And since I found a fire truck amongst my inspiration, I decided to make this ornament for J:

And then I had to make this plane ornament for N:

I know I made them, but aren't they just adorable?

And now I'm ready to knit again. Next on the list, this Owls Sweater. Unfortunately, my gauge is off so I have to do some math first.


Nicole B. said...

those all turned out SOO cute!

bodoba said...

I need to stop clicking on the links in your blog entries lol. I totally fell in love with making stuffies a while back, now I'm in love with that backpack cause my eldest is starting headstart in december AND now I want to make that owl sweater!


Lydee said...

wow and wow! i especially love the lovey dolls!