Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh, what a Night!

Well, we had a blast last night for Halloween. The boys, B and I all went out trick or treating with another family in the neighborhood. Once we joined up with our friends, J got very brave and really got into trick or treating. N had a blast climbing up and down off people's porches and putting candy into his pumpkin. Then we came home and handed out the rest of our candy (we'd left a bowl out while we were trick or treating). About 8:15 we ran out of candy, turned out our lights and called it a night. It was so much fun watching our boys have so much fun! Definitely our best Halloween yet!

N, the garden gnome:

J as Spiderman:
Making silly faces on our way to meet our friends:
Our three Star Wars trick-or-treating companions:
Our trick-or-treating group:
N loved this bowl with the moving hand:

J enjoying his first piece of candy after trick-or-treating:
Hope you all had a fun-filled Halloween!