Thursday, November 19, 2009

This morning in the car on the way to school

Me: J, have you been talking about what you're thankful for at school?

J: Yes. I'm thankful for all the houses. (As we drive through our neighborhood)

Me: Okay. I'm thankful for the house we live in.

J: I'm thankful for the windows and trees and truck. (As we drive past some trees and a truck)

Me: I'm thankful that I have two such wonderful boys.

J: I'm thankful for the bushes. (As we drive past some bushes)

Me: I'm thankful for Pepper who is such a good dog to us.

J: I'm thankful for the Christmas trees. (As we drive past a field of evergreen trees)

Me: I'm thankful for Mooma and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa who all love us so much.

J: I'm thankful for the cows and horses and farm animals and the dinosaurs at the zoo. I'm thankful for the zoo. (As we drive past some cows)

Me: I'm thankful for your daddy because he loves me and is so good to me.

J: Airplanes live at the airport.

You've just got to love three year-olds! I'm so thankful I have one!


Nicole B. said...

yep, sounds similar to our discussion!! miss you and hope to catch up soon!

jencraft said...

So cute!

Lydee said...


bodoba said...

awww that's so cute! I'm glad you're enjoying your children, gives me hope for mine. lol