Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures from Ohio: Part 1, The Zoo

While we were visiting family and friends in Ohio, we made a trip to the Cleveland Zoo. We had a blast! The boys were excited to see a lot of animals we don't have here in Dallas. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

Even though we've fed the giraffes in Dallas, we were still excited to see this cute young giraffe in Ohio.

The polar bear is always a must see and he posed for some cute pics. This blinking one is my favorite.

We had a little rain and stopped under a bridge to stay dry. Decided to take the moment to snap a quick shot of our group. Uncle Mike, N, Grandma, Grandpa, J and B.

The Australian Outback was a lot of fun. I loved the sweet Koala with her baby. The boys loved the train that let us see several types of kangaroo up close and personal.

I thought this Cloud Leopard was beautiful!

Since J wants to be a zookeeper I had to snap this shot of one at work.

N loved this giant fish that swam with the sharks. In this pic, he's pointing out his eye.

On the tram with Uncle Mike.

Checking out the lions. J loved seeing the "daddy lion" with his big mane. The male lions at our zoo are only a year old so they don't have manes yet.

I loved watching the male and female lion hanging out together. They would occasionally lick each other and there was just an air of a married couple about them. Very cool to watch.

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