Thursday, March 3, 2011

Houston Highlights: The Zoo

During our brief stint of thinking we were going to move to Houston, the boys and I spent several weekends there with B checking out the area. During our first weekend, we went to the Houston Zoo. Shockingly, this was the first place J wanted to go in Houston :). Here are some pics from that trip:

The first main attraction we saw: the sea lions. N loved watching them swim around. This is one thing that is missing from the Dallas Zoo.

I thought the trees in this park area near the zoo entrance were beautiful. There was a pool in the middle with animal themed sculptures.

The boys LOVED brushing this goat (one of many) in the children's area.

The boys were tired after a not so great night's sleep in B's one bedroom apartment so we decided a wagon was needed.

The male lions at the Dallas zoo are only 2 years old so they don't have full manes yet. It was fun to see this big male up close from the tunnels near the lion exhibit.

The female lions looked calm and regal as they relaxed in their part of the exhibit.

Even though this is all we could see, we were all excited to see a Maned Wolf after seeing them on Diego so many times.

Holy horns!

N loved the drums in the African section.

I loved how close this chimp was to the glass. He was interacting with the people watching him. Unfortunately, the boys were really tired at this point and did not appreciate how cool this was.

The big male rhinoceros. We just got a rhinoceros at the Dallas Zoo. I think they are so cute.

One of the trivia questions in the rhino area. Texans love their Dr. Pepper!

A "daddy" orangutan. The boys were captivated by his big round face.

An adorable baby Asian elephant!

A Red Panda!

J cheesing it up with a sea lion statue.

Our last stop was the aquarium that is part of the zoo. J loved the stingrays.

I loved these little luminescent jellyfish. There was a whole tank of them and they were just beautiful to watch.

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