Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Amazing Gift from my Amazing Sister

My twin sister recently started knitting and it makes me SO happy. I LOVE talking knitting with her. I LOVE sitting and knitting with her (an extremely rare occurrence, but a wonderful one all the same). I LOVE receiving the beautiful gifts she knits for me.

The latest is this lovely bag that she made me for our birthday.

I am just so impressed. It's the Coney Island Bag by Eunny Jang. It's a free pattern on Knitting Daily.

My sister really hasn't been knitting that long and this bag is perfect! I love the bag pattern and the lovely colors she chose.
Unlike me, my sister is not afraid of sewing. She made a lovely fabric lining complete with pockets in coordinating fabrics.

She even made a lovely fabric covered button.

I LOVE this bag almost as much as I love the amazing person who made it for me.

Love you, Cat! Thanks for being SO good to me!

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stacey said...

that's so cute...when can I place my order? hehe