Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Create...a Healthier Family

As part of my goal for myself to be a healthier person, I've been trying to work out more. In general, I am doing pretty good. I use the treadmill often and have also been enjoying doing Wii Fit activities like boxing and step aerobics and Wii Sport (mainly tennis). Currently, I do most of my working out when the boys are either at preschool or napping/having quiet time.

However, although it is nice to exercise without interruption, I've realized that there are two problems with working out only when the boys are not around. First, the time when the boys are not around is pretty limited and will only get more limited this summer--and I have a lot of other things I need to get done during the short time of N's nap time/J's quiet time. Second, the boys never see me working out and I think it's important that they see this part of my life--you know the whole showing by example thing.

Anyway, I am trying to think of new ways that I can get exercise with my boys. Then we can all be healthy and enjoy each other at the same time.

I know I could just chase them around the yard/park, but that's not all that enjoyable for me so I'm trying to think of other things to try. Here are my current thoughts:
playing soccer (want to get a little goal for our yard)
playing tennis (need to get some rackets and find a place to play)
rollerblading while they bike or ride scooters (need to get roller blades)
hiking (need to find some fun places to explore)
jogging (am considering seeing if J wants to start jogging around the block with me)

Anyway, I've never been a very athletic person but I want to be better. I want to do these things with my boys so we can all be healthier and have fun. Wish someone would teach a class for moms-of-boys like me who need to learn more about sports. Maybe a camp for moms and sons to attend together where we could both learn how to hit a baseball, throw a football, get a basketball in the basket and score a soccer goal. Anyone out there know of anything like that? It would be really beneficial and fun. If you decide to start such a camp, let me know. I'd love to attend!

So there's my rambling thoughts on working out and enjoying my family. I want a healthy happy family. Who doesn't?

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Jadielady said...

As the weather gets warm I always think of spending lots of time outside with my dad in the summers, or even in spring after he'd get home from work. We played badmitton (easier in the front yard than tennis), walked to our local tennis court for that, played a game sort of like baseball but with only 2 bases (home plate was in front of the dogwoood, then you ran to the sidewalk and back).

Mom, Dad and I also used to walk down Rivermont avenue in the evenings, it was a nice activity the three of us could do :)
Your boys might like the wii fit games too!

Nicole B. said...

I can be camp director for that one :)

Jodi said...

I've been trying the same this year. We recently moved back to our hometown and bought right in town. I have access to the "walking route" just by stepping out of my door, which helps a LOT.

With my kids being so young still, I've been trying to find things to do with them as well. Being a stay at home mom leaves me no choice but to include them!

So far, pushing them in the stroller around the route is all I've been doing. I also just got a bike. We're waiting on a trailer to get here. As soon as it is here, I'll be running my errands in town towing my 2 rugrats.

When the snow is gone, we'll begin weekly family hikes again (we were snowshoing in the winter but we're in an in-between where it's just too muddy right now). We get to have some fun as a family, see some of natures finest and get some excercise at the same time.

Good luck finding your groove. :-)