Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bad Words

J has recently gotten back into a PBS show called Wild Kratts--a pretty cool show as children's television goes. Two brothers go around learning about and rescuing wild animals. An amazing female inventor helps them by making creature power suits that help them use the same powers animals have. J's learned a lot about animals and loves to pretend to be Chris or Martin with "creature powers."

Anyway, he was doing this yesterday and decided he really needed some creature power disks. I looked on the Wild Kratts website, but couldn't find anything so I did what any smart mom does--I googled "Wild Kratts coloring pages." As I browsed through the results, I saw it--a Draco creature power disk. Perfect! I clicked on the image and all hell broke loose on my computer. Some program started running, messages with scary words appeared and my computer started scanning itself. The last virus we got that almost killed our whole computer pretended to be a program scanning for viruses so I freaked out and turned off the computer. When I went to start it back up (trying to find the "go back and boot up from previous date option"), my computer started scanning drives and I freaked out again and just turned it back off. Now I'm working from the laptop I bought B for Christmas when he switched jobs before the-move-that-never-was.

Anyway, so that's my excitement these days. Needless to say I wanted to say many bad words, but amazingly only said "crap" a number of times. I guess this whole motherhood thing is starting to help clean up my potty mouth ;).

I was going to blog about my twisted stitch boatneck tank I'm designing and knitting, but I won't be able to upload pics. I am knitting bottom up and have about 6 inches done so far. Not the fastest progress, but not bad either. Hope to get some pics up soon.

Hope your life is going a little more smoothly than mine these days. Take care and happy Thursday. TGIAF! (Thank Goodness It's Almost Friday!)


Anonymous said...

I was involved in creating the Wild Kratts website. I just read your post as I was looking for some press coverage about the project.

It is actually a great idea to have printable creature power discs available online. I guess the target age group for the series is a little bit older, so they didn't think it would make sense.

Anyway, I'm sorry about your computer trouble. If you don't mind responding to this comment with your email, I gladly will send you a non-computer-breaking picture of the Draco Creature Power disc.

Haley said...
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Haley said...

Thanks for your comment. My Kindergartener has loved Wild Kratts since it started last year (when he was four). I know many preschoolers and Kindergarteners who love the show. My son really likes the website too. He loves that he can login to save his work. He also really likes collecting the creature power discs on the website. He will be thrilled to have discs he can print and use when he and his little brother pretend to be the Kratt brothers.

Anonymous said...

My son, not quite 5yrs, has recently discovered this show on PBS. Now he wants to be Martin for Halloween. Since there isn't anything you can buy we are making it by hand. I'm having trouble finding creature power discs that are printable as well. Did you ever find some good printable ones??

Haley said...

If you leave me a comment with your e-mail address, I will e-mail you discs mentioned by the poster above. I will then delete the comment with your e-mail address. --Haley