Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Visit EVER!

Sorry for the blogging absence, but life has been too busy to blog. My sister and her two children and my mom just came for a week long visit and it was WONDERFUL! My sister and her children hadn't been here in two years and it was so exciting to have them back. We just had so much fun. Her son is 7 (almost 8) and her daughter just turned 6. The boys love hanging out with them. We spent lots of time at the pool, a morning at Build-a-Bear in honor of Lizzie's birthday and a day at the zoo. I didn't get a lot of pictures because I kept forgetting my camera--oh well. Trust me, we had a blast. To top off the awesomeness, I got to spend a decent amount of time knitting with both my sister and my mom. Can we say "little piece of heaven"? I think we can.

Here a few pictures to show off the adorable children.

Everyone coloring their Build-a-Bear "houses:"

Sorry I didn't take a picture of the actual animals. N built a Dalmatian complete with a button that played the Star Wars theme in his hand and a set of Cars 2-themed pajamas. He named him Spot. J built a panda bear with a button that played the Star Wars theme and a Darth Vader costume. He named him Pandy. Michael built a camouflage-colored bear that played the Star Wars theme and had a Jedi warrior costume. He named him Camo. Lizzie built a pink daisy print bunny with a button that said "I love you." She picked out a cute top and skirt, Hello Kitty underpants and pink jelly sandals for her bunny. She named her Daisy Bunny.

Mooma and four of her grandchildren at the pool:

J jumping in the water: He just decided yesterday that he liked jumping in on his own and did it over and over.

Michael jumping in the pool:
Love this photo and this little boy!

And a bonus photo:Cat and I knitting together. Heaven!

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