Monday, November 3, 2008

My little blessing is crying

It's 10:45PM. N has already woken up crying 3 or 4 times and he's been in bed for less than 3 hours. It's going to be a long night. I took him to the doctor this morning, but she said it's just a cold and his ears look great. He's nice and cool so no fever. Not sure what's going on. Hope he feels better soon. Although I hate that he's waking up crying, when I give in and go pick him up I love it. I love holding that sweet little guy and snuggling him in the middle of the night. I love having him all to myself when there is no one else around, when no one else needs me, when there are no other demands on my time or attention (except for that little thing called sleep). Sometimes in the middle of the night I just sit and hold him or stand and rock him and think about all the wonderful things that I love about my little N. What a blessing motherhood is. I have two of the greatest boys ever, my little gifts from God. Thank you!


Lydee said...

precious, precious, precious. I hope you all got some sleep eventually, and that nothing serious is wrong.

Nicole B. said...

you are the cutest!!!