Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween's a Hit!

Halloween night ended up being hectic, but fun. While we were waiting for B to get home, J and I made some paper Jack-o-lanterns for the front door. J did all the placing and gluing of their faces and did a really great job!

When it was time to go trick or treating, J wasn't sure about wearing his Cookie Monster costume, but eventually decided to wear it--without the hood. We were fine with that. N seemed to have no qualms about wearing his cookie costume.

We left the house around 6PM to go trick or treating. We left our treats (DumDums and stickers) in a bowl on the front porch with a note to "Help Yourself to a Treat." We were headed to Erin's Halloween open house, but J decided we had to go to my friend Kim's house first because he wanted to see her three sons. Unfortunately, they weren't home so we wandered our way towards Erin's house. On our way, J got handed treats by several nice people who were handing out candy from their driveways. We even had a few people walk down from their porches to give J candy because he was too shy to go to the door. Everyone was REALLY nice and sweet. N even got handed a little Snickers although he wasn't sure what to do with it. We eventually made it over to say hi to Erin and then wandered back to our house. We never did see Kim and her boys, but did manage to run into two of our other friends.

The whole neighborhood was a strange mix of people who wore costumes to hand out candy and had decorated their houses with all kinds of jack-o-lanterns and spiderwebs and ghosts and people who didn't even have their porch lights on to hand out candy. The neighborhood is such a mass of houses with lots of intersecting streets that it was hard to decide where to go. After we got back, J dumped all his candy on the floor and had a fun time looking through all the goodies. N also wanted in on the action and tried desperately to get to the fun looking candy. I forced myself to resist the urge to eat some of J's yummy chocolate.

We ended up leaving our candy and stickers out on the porch after we got home because it was almost the boys' bedtime and J really didn't like all the scary masks that the older children were wearing. I missed the opportunity to meet more of our neighbors by sitting and handing out candy, but was glad we could give J and N a fun evening.

Unfortunately, on Saturday J woke up with a high fever. We took him to the doctor and his throat and ears looked fine. His only symptoms were a runny nose and a high fever. The doctor said it's a virus and he'll probably run a fever off and on for the next three days or so. Fun, fun! N also has the runny nose, but no fever yet. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Both boys woke up several times during the night last night. Hopefully they'll both feel better soon!

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sophanne said...

Cookie Monster and a Cookie. it only took the last few posts for me to figure out how cute that is!