Monday, February 16, 2009

Movie Monday: Don't Stop! Edition

As you can see, N didn't want Mooma to stop.

Hope this makes you laugh because I was cracking up every time he moved her hand! Happy Monday, everyone!


Jadielady said...

Hahha so cute!!

Jadielady said...

Hey Haley, I hope you don't mind this post but I figured since you're in Texas and crafty you might know more people who may even know this family or could help out.

Nicole B. said...

that is the CUTEST video! i miss N!!!

wow, can't believe the last comment - i am hopefully participating in a fundraiser for baby ike, who had surgery today. the latest updates are here:

i *think* i might have given her book to you as a shower gift? if not, maybe it was cat?