Monday, February 16, 2009

Moms Are the BEST!

My mom left today. I miss her already. She arrived here on Wednesday night and the last 4 days have been so much fun. Unfortunately, N and I got a cold before she arrived. J and my mom got it soon after. Then B finally gave in and got sick this weekend--so we didn't get quite as much hanging out time as planned since we were all sick, tired and needed to head to bed earlier or rest during the boys naptime.

Mooma and N

We still managed to have lots of fun being together. My mom is SO wonderful. J and N both love her so much and had a blast with their Mooma. She taught N how to patty-cake (funny video to come). At bedtime, B got kicked out of J's bed so that Mooma could read a story with him. J wanted to do EVERYTHING with Mooma.

N and J at our neighborhood playground trying to get to...

The girls were thrilled to have my mom here too. Zoe is her first grandbaby so she and my mom have always been extra close. In fact, Zoe usually sleeps in the bed with my mom whenever she visits. Pepper instantly fell in love with my mom and she rarely left her side the whole visit. Both girls are sad today because Mooma is gone.


And, of course, it was WONDERFUL for me to have my mom here. She's just so good to me. We have fun just hanging out, knitting and talking. My mom also does lots of helpful little things like cleaning up after meals or helping with the boys that make it like a little mini vacation for me when she is here.

B doing double duty on the swings

And, on Valentine's, my mom watched the boys while B and I went out to dinner. It was our first "date" since we moved to Texas and it was such a delightful treat. We went to an area with lots of restaraunts and just walked around. We didn't really care what or where we ate as long as we could have a drink while we ate. Needless to say, since it was a Saturday night and Valentine's Day, a lot of the restaraunts were booked solid, but we eventually found a little bakery place where we could sit down and eat right away. We didn't have very high expectations, but ended up being pleasantly surprised by a decent menu, a full bar, a yummy meal and delicious desserts. The best part was just being out together and having some great adult conversation. It was a much needed time together and we definitely need to find a sitter so we can do it again soon.

So that's been our fun for the last few days. Hope everyone had a happy Valentine's and a wonderful weekend!


sophanne said...

YAY Mooma! What a great name.

Nicole B. said...

wahoo! sounds like a wonderful visit to me too! will call you, hopefully tomorrow :) oh, and we have been talking about W's bday party and he said he wanted to invite J!