Monday, March 16, 2009

My Little Man is Three!

J had his third birthday yesterday. My little man is 3 years old! I still can't believe it. He's such a wonderful little guy and I feel so blessed to have him. Sometimes he seems so tiny and little and fragile and I can't believe he's that old. Sometimes he seems so grown up and I can't believe he's only just turning 3.

J is definitely a unique little boy and I love so many things about him.

I love that he is really developing a great imagination and he loves to play pretend. Yesterday he spent at least 30 minutes playing with a new kite in the house pretending that it was either a gate or a blanket to sleep under.

I love that he has a newly developed sense of humor. He loves to be silly and his favorite new joke is insisting something is a different color than it really is. This started when Mooma was here a month ago and shows no sign of abating.

I love that he loves to color and make crafts. J has gotten really good at coloring and painting and actually colors within the lines and paints individual items on a page. We're just starting to get into drawing his own pictures.

I love that J is doing so many big boy things now like riding his tricycle really well, using the mouse to play Sesame Street games on the computer, getting his clothes on and off on his own (although he still has trouble with shirts), and using the potty (and wiping--sorry if that's too much information, but it's really exciting to not have to do that).

I love that he is happy to sit quietly by himself and work his puzzles (24 piece ones are really easy for him now and we do 60 piece ones together) or watch a movie (he still loves Sesame Street, but has also gotten into Backyardigans, Clifford, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Dora and Diego).

I love that he likes to get wild and run around the house and then quietly sneak up on you.

I love that when he plays hide and seek, he gets so excited that he giggles loudly the whole time and often jumps out of his hiding place before you arrive. I love that he tells you where to hide and then still acts surprised when he finds you there.

I love that J is such a loving child. He loves N with a passion and gets so excited to see him every day. He's also very attached to Zoe and Pepper and loves for Pepper to get in bed with him during his naptime and bedtime stories.

I love that I see so much of B and myself in him every day (although sometimes this scares me just a little).

I love that he hugs me good night every night and tells me that he loves me so much.

Yesterday at the zoo (3 years old)

A year ago in the snow (2 years old)

2 years ago in our house (1 year old)

Almost 3 years ago with B
(This was the oldest picture still on my computer. I think J's about 2 weeks old.)


Anonymous said...

You made me cry, that was absolutely beautiful what you wrote about your son. It is hard to believe Liam and John are 3 yrs old already. John's milestones he has reached are amazing....60 piece puzzle and computer games. You are very blessed. Give big boy a big hug and kiss for me. I love you. Christie

Yarnhog said...

Happy Birthday, big boy!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday!:D

sophanne said...

With a mama like that you are one lucky kid!

Happy Birthday!