Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Note to Self

Note to self: If you are tired from a bad night's sleep because both of your children decided to wake up multiple times during the night for no particular reason, don't stay up late watching HGTV and trying to figure out how to knit a stegosaurus leg in the round with picked up stitches just because you are too lazy to follow the really simple directions in the pattern because they involve seaming.

Note to self: Don't fix yourself a bowl of coffee ice cream complete with chocolate covered coffee beans (included) and dark chocolate M&Ms (added) around 10:15PM. For some reason, this may make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Note to self: If you are really tired and stayed up too late and couldn't fall asleep, your children will cry out in the night for no particular reason--and wake you up.

Note to self: If you are lucky, the dogs will miraculously sleep through all of this and not disturb you at all.

Note to self: When your alarm goes off the next morning at a ridiculously early hour because you have to take care of two dogs, two boys, yourself and get the trash out and get one boy off to school on time, make sure you turn it off (and not just hit snooze) when you get out of bed and jump in the shower because that lovely alarm clock that wakes you up so nicely with a flashing light goes absolutely ape shit complete with more flashing lights and loud bells and whistles when you don't turn it off after ten minutes of increasingly bright lights and it might wake up one of your finally sleeping peacefully children.

Note to self: A sentence that goes on for 7 lines of text might be a run on.

Note to self: If you've had the aforementioned night/morning and you get some free time, take a nap--don't waste your time blogging notes to yourself.


Kate said...

I am so sorry!! But now I want ice cream.
It's phases like that which impact my decision to take a
Month sleeping instead of back to work when all the kids are in school.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

So sorry and I have so been there :). If you can today curl up on the sofa/bed and sleep.....everyone will thank you :)

Hope tonight is better.

Yarnhog said...

Totally been there. Just wait. They make up for all that lost sleep when they become teenagers and it would take a nuclear blast to roust them out of bed.

Nicole B. said...

ugh - i can totally relate! at least with the staying up too late part (ok, must rush off so i get into bed at a decent hour!)

janet said...

Fortunately your a Mom so you can handle it and more. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.
It doesn't last forever, it just feels like it while your going through it.

Lydee said...

lol! hope you've caught up on your sleep now!