Sunday, March 1, 2009

No More Freaking Out...For Now

Well, I called the vet to talk about Zoe. Basically, he said that we could run some tests to see if the cancer is back, but that there really isn't any medicine or anything we can give her to help her if it is back. So I decided--what's the point? I don't want to put Zoe through extra tests and vet visits if they aren't going to help her feel better or get better. So for now, we are just waiting and watching her to make sure she's not in pain. Zoe seems to be doing okay. She's eating well. She wags her tail and gets excited when she sees us. She's playing with Pepper. So I'm not going to freak out about her new desire to lay around outside. Maybe she just likes the nice winter weather in Texas. Maybe she's trying to avoid the craziness that is our household with two young boys and a puppy. So for now, no more freaking out--just trying to enjoy this "bonus" time with Zoe. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. They are MUCH appreciated.

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Nicole B. said...

good call on contacting the vet. it's so hard to know what to do, and so just having some more information always helps. and yes, if she doesn't seem in pain, that is glad you are feeling a little better about things.