Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: Still Zoe Edition

As you know, I've been worrying a lot about Zoe recently. Ever since we received her biopsy results a month ago, I've been waiting for her to get really sick. I knew that we had bought her some bonus time with the surgery, but I also knew that the cancer would return. But after a day of freaking out, I've realized that in most ways she is still very much her old self. So for now, I'm going to try to just enjoy her and this bonus time that we have together. Anyway, here is this week's Top Ten Tuesday...

Top Ten Ways Zoe is Still Being Zoe

10. She still barks like mad whenever anyone comes to the door.

9. She still plays with Pepper, but quickly shows Pepper who's boss if Pepper gets too wild.

8. She still reminds me when it's meal time--and she's VERY punctual.

7. She eats all of her food so there is none left for Pepper when she comes to lick Zoe's bowl.

6. She still comes running whenever I open the pantry door. (We keep treats and bones in there.)

5. She still comes running whenever I pour a bowl of cereal. (I usually give her a piece--it's the only people food I give her.)

4. She still guards N's high chair (and the food he drops from it) like it's the holy grail.

3. She still gets really wiggly and excited when the boys and I get home from being out.

2. She still rests her head on a pillow whenever possible when she lays down.

1.She still gives B and I dirty looks if we get anywhere close to each other in bed.


Cat said...

she just wants to make sure you don't bother her beauty rest :)

Lydee said...

1. lol!