Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: Car Trip Edition

I used to do Top Ten Tuesday posts all the time, but then I had N and I didn't get around to them much anymore. Anyway, I had lots of little tidbits to share from our approximately forty hours of car time from our beach vacation so I thought I'd put them into a few Top Ten Tuesday Lists.

Top Ten Things N Said in the Car

10. Car

9. Truck

8. Aunt Cat

7. Papa

6. Mooma. Mooma. Mooma.

5. Car wash (Every time it rained)

4. Pee potty. (My response: "We just stopped. Pee in your diaper." Nice, huh?)

3. Beach house

2. Chocolate Milk

1. Shoe hand!

Top Ten Things J Said in the Car

10. Are we there yet?

9. Are we there yet?

8. N's poopy. (After passing a livestock filled area that smelled like manure.)

7. Are we there yet?

6. Are we there yet?

5. Are we there yet?

4. I need to pee.

3. Are we there yet?

2. Are we there yet?

1. Are we there yet?

Top Ten Funny (Ha Ha and Strange) Things We Saw on our Car Trip

10. Street Name: Mosquito Branch

9: Gas Station in Louisiana: Get & Geaux

8: City: Mound, Louisiana (Made me giggle. I've been reading way too many Romance novels.)

7: Store: St. Nick Nacks

6: Sighting: Six leather clad bikers in US Military Vet vests--one with a toy puppy strapped to the back of his bike.

5: Sighting: Three "Statue of Liberty"s (on the capital building in Atlanta, the Boy Scouts of America building in Birmingham and somewhere in Louisiana)

4: City: Tallapoosa, Mississippi

3: Sighting: So many Waffle Houses that we invented a new game: Punchbuggy Waffle House.

2: City: Chunky, Mississippi

1: Sighting: A guy in a brown monk garment pulling a cross on wheels down the side of the highway.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you have a great one!

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Yarnhog said...

I laughed out loud at the guy in the monk garment pulling the cross down the side of the highway. Only in the South, huh? ;)