Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Littlest Man is Growing Up!

My littlest man is sleeping in his big boy bed tonight!

We've had the bed (part of a twin bed set) since before the boys were born. B and I bought them at an antique store. J sleeps in the other one.

B set up N's bed this morning after one of his coworkers was kind enough to give us a set of mattresses he didn't need any more.

N was so excited. He tried to put himself down for a nap about an hour early. When naptime actually arrived, N did his usual fighting his nap for about 10 minutes, but then settled on down and took a great nap.

It took him a little bit to settle in tonight, but then N went to sleep just fine. Let's hope there are no thumps or bumps in the night. So excited for my little man in his big boy bed!

B, N and J doing bedtime stories in N's new bed.

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Yarnhog said...

What a great milestone! I love that picture, too.

My little boy shaved for the first time last week, while he was away at Civil Air Patrol boot camp. (They yelled at him at inspection and made him shave.) He just turned thirteen. Cherish the little moments; they fly by so fast!